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Association of Professional Interims

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The Association of Professional Interims

The Association of Professional Interims is a subscription based membership organisation which provides services to interim managers including:

  • CV check and advice
  • Professional interim competency profiling
  • Tax efficiency advice
  • Retirement planning, investment and exit strategy advice
  • Business mentoring advice
  • Professional networking advice

They provide a one day induction and marketing workshop and information in the form of videos.

See also: The Institute of Interim Management.

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David worked for Aviva Health Interim Head of Procurement & P2P...leading the development and implementation of procurement strategy".

David is an experienced procurement professional who has made a significant contribution to the development of procurement strategy within Aviva Health UK".

"He is intelligent and articulate and demonstrates a high level of commitment and integrity".

Full reference European Head of Procurement Practice Management

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