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e-Sourcing Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

e-Sourcing - Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Features of e-Sourcing Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Modules

  • A searchable centralised contract repository
  • Contract authoring workflow for collaboration
  • Reporting and analytics
    • notifications prior to contract renewal
  • Templates and standard clauses
    • Pre approved contract outlines with...
    • Enforcement of mandatory clauses
    • Pre-approved alternate clauses
    • known relationships between compatable / incompatable clauses
  • Roles / Permissions / Security
e-Sourcing Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Maturity Model

Benefits of Contract Management

  • Templates, standard clauses and pre-configured contract structures:
    • ensures lawyers focus on higher value added issues
    • speeds up drafting cycle times
    • ensures consistency of approach
    • reduces risk for the organisation
  • Traceability througout throughout the drafting process
  • Elimination of automatic contract renewals (evergreen)
  • Early warning of contract expiry reduces the risk of working without contracts
  • Centralised contract repository

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