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Ethical Sourcing Code of Conduct

Ethical Sourcing - Supplier Code of Conduct

An Ethical Sourcing Supplier Code of Conduct will demand compliance with one of the main Ethical Sourcing Standards which includes elements such as:

Expected compliance with applicable legislation for:

  • Minimum wages
  • Working hours
  • Minimum working age
  • Environmental health and safety
  • etc.

It may also incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) standards above those required by applicable legislation:

  • Business ethics
  • Human rights
  • Forced labour - eg. prison or indentured labour
  • Working conditions
  • Worker benefits
  • Child labour
  • Freedom of association / collective bargaining
  • Non discrimination e.g. race, colour, gender, nationality, religion, age, maternity or marital status.
  • Environmental health and safety
  • Whistle blowers
  • etc.

Cascading the Ethical Sourcing - Supplier Code of Conduct

Often the Code of Conduct will specify that suppliers must apply the same principles in dealings with their own supply chain. Making this happen in practise is challenging and auditing procedures must be designed to reflect this.

Feel free to get in contact if you want to discuss implementing an Ethical Sourcing Programme (ESP) for your organisation.

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